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After gaining extensive experience in automotive technology, MTX Electronics today turns to a customer of industry experts.

Our services range from the sale of additional control units and emulators to the custom development on commission of electronics and software.

We have a wide range of software dedicated to facilitating the work of professionals in the automotive sector:

    • DTC Remover is able to turn off the engine failure warning light.
    • DPF Remover is able to remove FAP and DPF functionality from vehicule’s ECU.
    • EDC17 IMMO Remover deactivates the immobilizer on Tricore.

We also have a wide range of products aimed at checksum correction.


What is EcuResources? is a large database of Ecu’s modificated and original files that MTX Electronics made available to expert customers. The files are selected and manually modificated by MTX Electronics’s technicians that tested them.

On EcuResources you can find a variety of automotive files from various manufactures.

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