DTC Remover

DTC Remover application will allow you to turn off the MIL light on your dash, this is done by disabling the relative OBD P-Code from internal ECU logic. 

The software is used as follows:

1. select an ecu model from the list
2. load the file that was read by OBD, Bootmode o BDM
3. insert the OBD P-Code or manufacturer specific fault code that your diagnostic tool is showing
4. press DTC OFF
5. repeat steps 3 & 4 for multiple codes
6. press SAVE

The software is available in two editions called Standard and PowerTools.

The difference between the two editions is in the list of supported control units, the basic/c++/pascal scripting functions, the DPF Remover integration functions and the diversified online technical support all available only in the PowerTools edition.

Below is the table that identifies the control units supported by the two editions:

Alfa/Fiat/LanciaBosch EDC15C2YesYes
Alfa/Fiat/LanciaBosch EDC15C7YesYes
Alfa/Fiat/LanciaBosch EDC16 (BDM)YesYes
Alfa/Fiat/LanciaBosch EDC16C8YesYes
Alfa/Fiat/LanciaBosch EDC16C9/C39YesYes
Alfa/Fiat/LanciaBosch EDC17C49YesYes
Alfa/Fiat/LanciaBosch ME7.9.10YesYes
Alfa/Fiat/LanciaMarelli 6JF/6F3/8F2/8F3YesYes
Alfa/Fiat/LanciaSiemens SID803AYesYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheBosch EDC15P/VM+YesYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheBosch EDC16 (BDM)YesYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheBosch EDC16CP34YesYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheBosch EDC16U1/U31/U34YesYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheBosch EDC17C46/C54YesYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheBosch EDC17C64NoYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheBosch EDC17CP04/CP14/CP20YesYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheBosch EDC17U01/U05YesYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheBosch ME7.1/7.5/7.5.1/7.5.10 (C167)YesYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheBosch ME7.2/7.8YesYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheBosch MED17.1/17.1.1/17.5NoYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheBosch MED9.1/9.1.2NoYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheDelphi DCM3.7NoYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheSiemens PPDYesYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheSiemens Simos 3NoYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheSiemens Simos 7.1NoYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheSiemens Simos 9.1NoYes
Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen/PorscheSiemens Simos PCR2.1YesYes
BMWBosch EDC15C4YesYes
BMWBosch EDC16 (BDM)YesYes
BMWBosch EDC16C31/C35/CP35YesYes
BMWBosch EDC17C06/CP02/CP09YesYes
BMWBosch EDC17C41/C50YesYes
BMWBosch EDC17CP45YesYes
ChevroletBosch EDC16C39YesYes
ChevroletDelphi DCM3.7NoYes
Chrysler/Dodge/JeepBosch EDC15C7YesYes
Chrysler/Dodge/JeepBosch EDC16C31YesYes
Chrysler/Dodge/JeepBosch EDC16U31YesYes
Chrysler/Dodge/JeepDelphi CRD2-651NoYes
DaciaContinental SID306NoYes
FordBosch EDC16C3/C34YesYes
FordContinental SID208NoYes
FordContinental SID807NoYes
FordDelphi DCM3.5NoYes
FordSiemens SID202/206YesYes
FordSiemens SID206YesYes
FordSiemens SID803/803AYesYes
FordSiemens SID804YesYes
HondaBosch EDC16 (BDM)YesYes
HondaBosch EDC16C31YesYes
Hyundai/KiaBosch EDC16C39YesYes
Hyundai/KiaBosch EDC17C08YesYes
IvecoBosch EDC16 (BDM)YesYes
IvecoBosch EDC16C39YesYes
JaguarBosch EDC17CP11YesYes
JaguarSiemens SID204YesYes
Land RoverBosch EDC16CP39YesYes
Land RoverBosch EDC17CP11YesYes
Land RoverContinental SID208NoYes
Land RoverSiemens SID201YesYes
MahindraBosch EDC17C53YesYes
MazdaBosch EDC16C3/C34YesYes
MazdaDenso R2A/RF7/RFANoYes
MazdaSiemens SID804YesYes
MercedesBosch EDC15C6YesYes
MercedesBosch EDC16C31/C32/CP31YesYes
MercedesBosch EDC17C43/CP46YesYes
MercedesBosch EDC17CP10YesYes
MercedesContinental SID307/SID310NoYes
MercedesDelphi CRD2-651NoYes
MercedesDelphi CRD3-651NoYes
MiniBosch EDC16 (BDM)YesYes
MiniBosch EDC16C35YesYes
MiniBosch EDC17C41YesYes
MiniBosch MED/MEV17.2NoYes
MitsubishiBosch EDC16 (BDM)YesYes
MitsubishiBosch EDC16U31YesYes
OpelBosch EDC16C3YesYes
OpelBosch EDC16C36YesYes
OpelBosch EDC16C9/C39YesYes
OpelBosch EDC17C18/C19/C59YesYes
OpelBosch PSG16YesYes
OpelDelphi DCM3.7NoYes
OpelDenso SH7058/59NoYes
OpelMarelli 6JO/6O2/6O3YesYes
Peugeot/CitroenBosch EDC15C2YesYes
Peugeot/CitroenBosch EDC16 (BDM)YesYes
Peugeot/CitroenBosch EDC16C0/C34YesYes
Peugeot/CitroenBosch EDC17C10YesYes
Peugeot/CitroenBosch EDC17C60NoYes
Peugeot/CitroenBosch EDC17CP11YesYes
Peugeot/CitroenBosch MEV17.4/17.4.2NoYes
Peugeot/CitroenContinental SID208NoYes
Peugeot/CitroenContinental SID807NoYes
Peugeot/CitroenSiemens SID201YesYes
Peugeot/CitroenSiemens SID201AYesYes
Peugeot/CitroenSiemens SID803YesYes
Peugeot/CitroenSiemens SID803AYesYes
Peugeot/CitroenSiemens SID804YesYes
PiaggioBosch EDC17C08YesYes
Renault/NissanBosch EDC16C3YesYes
Renault/NissanBosch EDC16C36YesYes
Renault/NissanContinental SID301/303NoYes
Renault/NissanContinental SID305/306NoYes
Renault/NissanContinental SID307NoYes
SmartBosch EDC16C31YesYes
SubaruDenso (2.0D)NoYes
SuzukiBosch EDC16C3YesYes
SuzukiBosch EDC16C39YesYes
SuzukiMarelli 6JO/6F3YesYes
SuzukiMarelli 8DSYesYes
ToyotaDenso (2.0D/2.2D)NoYes
VolvoBosch EDC16C31YesYes
VolvoBosch EDC16C34YesYes
VolvoSiemens SID803/803AYesYes
USB Dongle and Licensing

The software can be installed on multiple computers but execution is permitted on only one computer at a time by use of a USB dongle. The USB dongle must stay connected to the computer during application use.

By purchasing or using the software you agree to all the terms and conditions of the license agreement. If you do not accept and comply with these terms, you may not use the software or its features.

Purchasing and Shipping

The recommended steps to purchase if you are a private customer and want the default Postal service shipping method is as follows:

1. Register an account on our website by clicking here (used to download future updates);
2. Buy from the online store with paypal payment (tax and default shipping included);
3. The USB dongle will be shipped within two (2) working days (excluding Saturdays) to the address indicated by paypal.

Shipping of the USB Dongle is by default with Italian Postal Service – International Registered Airmail and has a costs of 10 euro.
Delivery with the Postal service can be approx. from 7-15 days for most European (or neighboring) locations and it will be considerably longer for extra EU destinations.

If you want faster shipping services (UPS Express Courier) the cost is 25euro for EU destinations for extra EU destinations you must ask for a quotation before ordering.

If you have a company registered in the EU database VIES we can deduct taxes from the invoice , we will need you to supply your company details including tax registration number for verification. 

If you are tax exempt please contact us by email from the contact page.

Technical Support

The software includes one year of technical support through our helpdesk support system.

What is included for the Standard edition:
– for vehicles included in the software free technical assistance is provided for the first year
– for vehicles not included in the software the cost is 2 credits = 20euro+VAT*
– the response time of the helpdesk is within 24 working hours

What’s included for the PowerTools edition:
– for vehicles included in the software free technical assistance is provided for the first year
– for vehicles not included in the software the cost is 2 credits = 20euro+VAT*
– the response time of the helpdesk is within 8 working hours

(*) Credits are sold in packages and not individually

Opening hours are from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 19:00.

Software Updates

Software updates are free for the products lifecycle.

Below you will find links to download both a demo version and if you are logged in also the FULL version of the software.

Things to know for first time use
– The application can not be executed simultaneously to VPN (Virtual Private Network) applications;
– The application does not execute in a virtual machine;
– The application requires enabling administrative privileges for operation on Win7/8/10.

For more info see DTC Remover web page

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