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What is DPF OFF file?

The DPF OFF file removes Particulate Filter functionality from your vehicule’s ECU.

How does a Particulate Filter work?

The active Particulate Filter (FAP) mounted on Peugeot, Citroen and Ford vehicles is similar to the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) used by other car manufacturers, this is a device to reduce the pollutant emissions from fine particles (PM10) of turbodiesel engines.

The FAP works by mixing a chemical additive (CeO2) to the diesel which serves to make the particulate larger, so that it can be filtered by a filter, the CeO2 also lowers the flammability temperature of the particulate so that when the filter is clogged, increasing the post-injection of the diesel fuel the temperature of the exhaust gas rises to about 450 °C and the particulate is burned to a smaller dimension (PM2.5) and thrown out.

The DPF system works in a similar way only that it has no chemical additive and therefore a higher temperature (about 650 °C) is required to burn the particulate.

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